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Sunrise proudly presents a unique solution to improve efficiency and effectiveness of training exercises within the organization with the use of our e-learning platform “Maharishi Learning System (MLS)” hosted on www.myguruonweb.com. This solution has been designed and developed by dedicated team of qualified and experienced software professionals and domain experts.

MLS uses our patented solution called AV book wherein Audio/Video/Text are synchronized on single platform. As audio/video is displayed on screen corresponding text is highlighted and also from the text one can navigate to a specific part of the video eliminating a typical sequential view of the video. This will make learning an interactive process with high degree of retention. These videos are secured and streamed from the streaming server which enables user to jump from point A to Point B directly. MLS consists of 3 modules namely Learning, Assessment and Monitoring

Some of the unique advantages of learning through MLS are:
  • Improves training efficiency and effectiveness as compared to the traditional method of delivery.
  • Makes training process system dependent instead of faculty dependent.
  • Unique approach of synchronizing video with study material (e-book), where video is driven by text and vice versa (Audio+ Video + Text= AV Book). Video bookmark facility allows user to watch only required part of video thus preventing wastage of user bandwidth.
  • Highly flexible to support an individual learner’s preferred philosophy of learning process.
  • One point update facility is available which provides great comfort in content management and update.
  • Wide adoption of state of the art visual communication services which offers freedom in learning.
  • Videos can be dubbed in different languages.
  • Learn from videos by viewing on-demand video through Internet or Local Area Network (LAN) following a Client-Server approach.
  • Catalogue all videos by respective category, sub-category, subject, and language.
  • Separate learning modules for improving speaking as well as listening skills of learner apart from a comprehensive English learning module.
  • Facility to record and upload learners own voice and then receive guru’s feedback online.
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MLS provides for two types of Assessment solutions:

a. Batch Assessment using Guru Based Exam:
  • MLS provides for a highly accurate and efficient batch assessment module.
  • Provides great relief to the faculty by simplifying the tedious and complex process of setting questions for examination and evaluation.
  • Faculty friendly approach for setting up a time bound Guru based exam for the group.
  • Evaluation matrix assists faculty to identify reinforcement aspects, thus to explain only the areas which participants don’t know and skip what they already know.
  • Guru will focus on those questions which most of the batch is not able to answer correctly.
  • Very useful for setting student friendly pace in the class room.
  • Very helpful in Capacity building and HR recruitment /promotion exercise.
  • Ability to upload questions from Excel spreadsheet.
  • Provision to accommodate answers for descriptive questions.
b. Individual Assessment by any participant:
  • It provides facility to the user for creating one’s own question bank and practice exam for self evaluation.
  • Participant can analyze his/her own performance and identify their weaknesses.
  • Participant can take practice test any number of times for self assessment.
  • Various types of practice tests are Text Based, IQ, Listening and Speaking.
  • Participant can view his report of practice test as well as guru based batch exam.

Both these solutions have the provision to restart incomplete exam in case of any hardware / software problem. All exams are stored for future reference and monitoring purpose.

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Some of the unique features are:
  • Feedback can be collected daily, at middle of session and at the end of each session for the respective faculty.
  • Very useful in monitoring faculty as well as participant feedback. Daily feedback allows immediate correction and participant who has given a low feedback can be contacted and their problem can be addressed immediately.
  • Systematic feedback reflects the training quality and helps to identify weakness on time so that it can be resolved within the ongoing process instead of post completion of the activity.
  • Each faculty may also view his/her feedback report generated from the student feedbacks for self assessment and improvement.
  • The feedback mechanism is customizable as per the requirements of user.
  • Admin can define the feedback parameters with the weight-age to be allocated for each parameter.
  • Feedback matrix allows the management to review the consolidated information on batch level.
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Our Clients
Clients Feedback
  • KBL

    "We found the online assessment solution provided by Sunrise, very user friendly, efficient, and time saving in our campus recruitment. MLS improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our in-house training and learning process." (Ravindra Chaudhari)

    "Animated Video, mobile version time saving and handy tool for quick information sharing." (Ashish Tiwari)


    "Mobile based animated videos depicting commissioning and installation of products used in monitoring and operation of boiler system. An effective tool to improve efficiency and customer support mechanism. Received great feedback from users."
    (R. Pimpley)


    "Prepared mobile based animation videos for educating drivers of heavy commercial vehicles regarding troubleshooting and fault isolation. Greatly appreciated by then MD Mr. Telang for the accessibility and comprehensibility of the solution."


    "Sunrise had developed Training Management System to meet our stringent requirements based on our group guidelines and GMP compliances of local as well as international drug authorities. The work was completed to our satisfaction and we wish them success for their projects worldwide." C.G. Kaluskar, Head Tech. Operations & M.S. Shilotri, DGM, FDF Foundation.


    "Sunrise has prepared animated videos to explain the working of Epson System based on their innovative AV Book technology. We found their solution very useful for in-house trainings, customer support as well as product marketing." Jivan Bhatt, CEO, Technova Imaging Systems Pvt Ltd.


    "Prepared E-learning manuals for blue collar workers regarding the operation and maintenance of machines at manufacturing plant."

  • World Bank

    "I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your fine team of technicians for the excellent work you have done in putting together the 'CDA-91' program." Kevin Casey

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