Audio Video Book (AV-Book)

Unique approach of synchronizing video with study material (e-book), where video is driven by text and vice versa (Audio+ Video + Text= AV Book). Video bookmark facility allows user to watch only required part of video thus preventing wastage of user bandwidth.

  • On Internet these videos are disseminated thru Sunrise’s patented technology called “AV book” (Audio/Video Book) where in Audio, Video & Text are synchronized on a single platform and video drives the text and from the text also one can drive the video.
  • As the video progresses, the text relevant for that portion of the video is highlighted progressively.
  • AV Book consists of bookmarks embedded within the text using which one can navigate and view the desired portion of the video.
  • It is, thus a very time efficient and simplified format for viewing long videos.
  • In addition to this, the synchronization of audio, video and text enhances the understandability of the video to a much greater extent.
  • We can also embed images in the textual content of the AV Book where required and these images can also be zoomed for viewing.
  • E-learning content could be formulated in multiple languages using AV Book.
  • Our AV Book based videos are securely streamed from our server and so cannot be downloaded on any client machine.
  • This unique approach of video viewing has been appreciated throughout the World.
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Our Clients
Clients Feedback
  • KBL

    "We found the online assessment solution provided by Sunrise, very user friendly, efficient, and time saving in our campus recruitment. MLS improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our in-house training and learning process." (Ravindra Chaudhari)

    "Animated Video, mobile version time saving and handy tool for quick information sharing." (Ashish Tiwari)


    "Mobile based animated videos depicting commissioning and installation of products used in monitoring and operation of boiler system. An effective tool to improve efficiency and customer support mechanism. Received great feedback from users."
    (R. Pimpley)


    "Prepared mobile based animation videos for educating drivers of heavy commercial vehicles regarding troubleshooting and fault isolation. Greatly appreciated by then MD Mr. Telang for the accessibility and comprehensibility of the solution."


    "Sunrise had developed Training Management System to meet our stringent requirements based on our group guidelines and GMP compliances of local as well as international drug authorities. The work was completed to our satisfaction and we wish them success for their projects worldwide." C.G. Kaluskar, Head Tech. Operations & M.S. Shilotri, DGM, FDF Foundation.


    "Sunrise has prepared animated videos to explain the working of Epson System based on their innovative AV Book technology. We found their solution very useful for in-house trainings, customer support as well as product marketing." Jivan Bhatt, CEO, Technova Imaging Systems Pvt Ltd.


    "Prepared E-learning manuals for blue collar workers regarding the operation and maintenance of machines at manufacturing plant."

  • World Bank

    "I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your fine team of technicians for the excellent work you have done in putting together the 'CDA-91' program." Kevin Casey

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